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Talent Prep IMPGT +

  • En plus d'une formation diplômante niveau Master
  • Aix-en-Provence
  • 200H


In 2021, by responding to the call for expressions of interest prior to the deployment of the network of Talent Preparatory Schools of the Ministry of Transformation and Public Service, the IMPGT was selected among the 74 "Talent Preparatory Schools".

This structuring mechanism of the Public Service Talent Plan is supported by the Ministry of Transformation and the Civil Service and has a double objective: to fight against self-censorship in the face of competitive examinations and to diversify the senior civil service by identifying, guiding and accompanying talent.

For each academic year until 2023, the IMPGT has 50 places available to prepare for civil service competitions: state, territorial or civil security.

  • Target audience

    The IMPGT + Talent Prep is open to students who wish to take the civil service entrance exams:state, local or civil security civil service.

    Priority is given to students with scholarships. They will receive a grant of 4,000 euros and places in the competitive examinations will be reserved for them.

    Nevertheless, it will be open to other students (without scholarships) in order to promote diversity, especially those from the IMPGT's Bachelor 3 and Master 1 programs. However, they will not benefit from a scholarship and reserved places.

  • Organization of the training

    In order to prepare for the civil service competitions, but also to facilitate professional integration outside of the competitions in public or private structures, the student will follow :

    • a Master's degree (1st or 2nd year) in public management delivered, with a choice of courses:

    • An intensive preparatory course for the competitive examination: with a total of 200 hours and training tests

    He will benefit from :

    • a tutoring/mentoring system to help them succeed in the competitive exams - 2 hours minimum per month
    • access to all IMPGTcourses to perfect their general knowledge (subject to compatibility of schedules and accessibility of course materials to the teachers concerned)

    They must also complete an internship starting in June (at least one month) for those in Master 1 and starting in May (at least two months) for those in Master 2.

  • Avantages de la Prépa Talents IMPGT +

    En intégrant la Prépa Talents IMPGT, les préparationnaires bénéficient des avantages suivants : 

    • Une formation gratuite et diplômante
    • Un tutorat personnalisé 
    • Une bourse de 4 000 € par an
    • Un soutien pour le logement ou la restauration
    • La possibilité d’un stage en immersion au sein d’une administration
  • Content of the training

    The content of the IMPGT + preparatory course is geared towards the job that the students will have to do if they are successful in the competition or if they are recruited on a contract basis. The students will therefore already have courses related to the competition within the framework of the Master's degree.

    See the details of the courses according to the Master:

    The students will also follow, within the framework of the intensive course :

    • courses on the themes of the competitive examinations : (public law, public finance, economics, general culture)
    • lessons on the methodology of the competitive examination: summary note, note on file, essay, MCQ
  • Admission requirements

    Admission is subject to application and individual interview.

    Applications are made online, by selecting the Master's degree attached to the desired competition:

    Master 1 level - State and local civil service competitions and fire brigade officer competition:

    • Master 1 Public Management, by following the blocks: Management of public administrations or block Law and public management of local authorities or block Quality management and management of societal risks

    Master 2 level - State civil service competition:

    • Master 2 Public Management, type course Management of public administrations

    Master 2 level - Competitive examination for the local civil service :

    • Master 2 Public Management course - Public law and management of local authorities

    Master 2 level - Fire brigade officer competition (captain (cat. A) or lieutenant (cat. B) level):

    • Master 2 Public management - Quality management and societal risk management course


Responsable pédagogique :

Photo du contact
Marius Bertolucci
Maître de Conférences | Responsable pédagogique Prépa IMPGT +

Service scolarité :

Photo du contact
Delphine Damour
Gestionnaire scolarité Aix - Master 1 MP, MDOMC | Master 2 MDOMC, Master 2 ANMT