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Bachelor Public administration - speciality public management Year 1

  • Initial training - continuing education
  • Aix-en-Provence
  • Standard rhythm

Presentation of the training

The first year of Public Administration bachelor program -  specializing In public management affirms its specificity in the public and commercial sector (in connection with the public sector). Students are led to take an interest in multidisciplinary disciplines and themes in the field of law-economy-management, extended to the human sciences, information and communication sciences and applied to the context of a changing public sector, with a progressive training in public management.

The first year of the Public Administration bachelor program - specializing in public management focuses on the general and specific environment of the public sector in law-economy- management extended to the social sciences.

In addition to the 3 years of the bachelor of Public Administration and Public Management type courses offered by the IMPGT, there is an English version in the 3rd year and 3 additional type courses offered by the Faculty of Law and Political Science, the Institute of Political Studies and the School of Journalism and Communication of Aix-Marseille, i.e. 5 bachelor 3 courses.

  • Target audience

    Graduates of a «Séries Générales du Baccalauréat» diploma, and particularly those who have chosen the specializing inof economic and social sciences, present the most suitable profile to succeed in the bachelor of Public Administration diploma.

  • Skills

    Cognitive skills

    • Searching and analyzing information in management
    • Mobilizing management functions to apply them to professional practices
    • Analyzing management situations to offer operational recommendations
    • Using one's knowledge to take administrative exams

    Operational skills

    • Writing a structured academic dissertation
    • Expressing oneself in a professional situation
    • Write and express oneself in several languages with a managerial and sectorial vocabulary
    • Mastering the manager's ICTs
    • Writing collectively

    Social and relational skills

    • Presenting orally in front of an audience and with ICTs
    • Working in groups and with collaborative ICTs
    • Integrating into a professional structure
  • Organization of the training

    The courses are semestrial in the form of lectures (CM) and tutorials (TD). 1st semester = 252h (S1) - 2nd semester 252h (S2) - Year 504h
    A compulsory internship of at least 4 weeks must be completed.
    The projects of professional role-playing are compulsory during the course of the training.

  • Content of the training

    Semester 1:

    Fundamental aspects of Managerial Thinking I (6 ECTS)
    History of Management Sciences
    Social Psychology
    Fundamental aspects of Economics and Law (10 ECTS)
    Founders of political economy
    Basic Legal Concepts
    Political Institutions
    Introduction to Economic Geography
    General knowledge (3 ECTS)
    Human and Social Sciences
    EU pre-professionalization I
    Humanities and Social Sciences (8 ECTS)
    Introduction to Sociology
    Introduction to Political Science
    Contemporary History
    EU pre-professionalization I (3 ECTS)
    Personal and professional project
    Methods of written and oral expression

    Semester 2:

    Fundamental aspects of Managerial Thinking II (6 ECTS)
    Philosophy and management
    Mathematics applied to management
    Ethics and Value in Public Organizations
    Contemporary Fundamental aspects of Economics and Law (9 ECTS)
    Principles of public finance and budgets
    Contemporary Economic Thinking and the Big 21 Controversies
    Public service law
    Administrative institutions
    English (3 ECTS)
    Computer Science (3 ECTS)
    EU pre-professionalization II (6 ECTS)
    Methods of written and oral expression
    Multidisciplinary report method
    Internship (4 weeks minimum) and Multidisciplinary Mission Report
    Option (4 ECTS) Choose 1 course from 4.
    Social movements and political life
    Modern language 2 (Spanish, Italian, German)

  • Further study

  • Admission requirements

    Access to this course is open to students holding a «Séries Générales du Baccalauréat» diploma via Parcoursup. 

    Consistent with the national expectations, the assessment elements will integrate the available grades of Terminale and Première classes, particularly in the following subjects: economic and social sciences, history-geography, geopolitics and political science. Grades from the Baccalaureate prep exams will also be taken into account. Various experiences, a particular curriculum, internships, and involvement in extra-curricular activities may be of interest to the commission. In order to judge the motivation of the candidate and the appropriateness of the requested course of study, the opinion of the Conseil de Classe and the headteacher, summarized in the "fiche Avenir", will be important.


Pedagogical managers :

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Marius Bertolucci
Lecturer | Academic Director of Bachelor's program in Public Administration Year 1-2-3
Photo du contact
Flora Mac Ivor
Associate Professor of English | Academic Director of Bachelor's program in Public Administration Year 1

Schooling Service :

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Claire Laroussinie
Bachelor's Program Registrar