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Bachelor Public administration - speciality public management Year 2

  • Initial training - continuing education
  • Aix-en-Provence
  • Standard rhythm

Presentation of the training

The second year of Public Administration Bachelor program -  specializing in public management provides management courses in continuity with the Bachelor 1 in human sciences, law and economics. In addition, there are courses in public management as well as the fundamental disciplines of management: finance-accounting, human resources, marketing-communication.

This second year of the Bachelor's degree allows a deeper understanding of the public environment, its changes and a presentation of management functions and tools.

The general objective of the Public Administration Degree is to offer a progressive acquisition of multidisciplinary knowledge in the field of law-economy-management, extended to human sciences, information and communication sciences and applied to the context of a changing public sector.

Aix-Marseille University (AMU) follows CNIL guidelines

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  • Target audience

    Student having validated a first year of training in the fields of law, economics, management.

  • Skills

    Cognitive skills

    • Searching and analyzing information in management
    • Mobilizing management functions to apply them to professional practices
    • Analyzing management situations to offer operational recommendations
    • Using one’s knowledge to take administrative exams

    Operational skills

    • Writing a structured academic dissertation
    • Expressing oneself in a professional situation
    • Writing and expressing oneself in several languages with a managerial and sectorial vocabulary
    • Mastering the manager's ICTs
    • Writing collectively

    Social and relational skills

    • Presenting orally in front of an audience and with ICTs
    • Working in groups and with collaborative ICTs
    • Preparing to enter the workplace
  • Organization of the training

    The courses are semestrial in the form of lectures (CM) and tutorials (TD). 1st semester = 255 hrs. (S3) - 2nd semester 225 hrs. (S4) - Year 480 hrs.

    A compulsory internship of at least 6 weeks must be completed.
    Projects of professional role-playing are compulsory during the course of the training.

  • Content of the training

    Semester 3:

    Fundamental aspects of Public Management (9 ECTS)
    Public Management
    New modes of public / private action
    Public administration reforms
    Media and Organizational Behavior (6 ECTS)
    Practices and tools of the public communicator in the ICT era
    Psychology for management
    Deepening of Public Law (6 ECTS)
    Public action law
    Public Employment Law
    Contemporary Economic Logic (6 ECTS)
    Contemporary Economic Policy Analysis
    Merchant and non-market trade
    EU pre-professionalization III (3 ECTS)
    Personal and professional project

    Semester 4:

    Fundamental aspects of Human Resources Management (4 ECTS)
    Human Resources Management
    TD Human Resources Management
    Marketing and Communication Fundamental aspects (4 ECTS)
    Marketing and communication
    TD marketing and communication
    Fundamental aspects of Accounting and Financial Management (4 ECTS)
    Accounting management and financial analysis
    TD Accounting Management and Financial Analysis
    Production management and management tools (3 ECTS)
    Production management and management tools
    TD Production Management and Management Tools
    English (3 ECTS)
    Computer Science (3 ECTS)
    EU pre-professionalization IV (6 ECTS)
    Methods of written and oral expression
    Management Tools Report Methodology
    Internship (6 weeks minimum) and Multidisciplinary report on management tools
    Option (3 ECTS) Choose 1 course from 4.
    Methodology of the administrative competition
    Modern language 2 (Spanish, Italian, German)

  • Continuation of studies

  • Admission requirements

    Access to this course is open to students who have completed the first two semesters of a Bachelor degree in the field of law, economics and management, such as those who have completed the first two years of the Bachelor degree in Public Administration - Public Management Course (IMPGT) or equivalent diplomas (preparatory classes, BTS  and DUT, etc.).

    Access is also possible through the Validation of Acquired Experience. A V.A.P (Validation of Professional Experience) or V.E.S (Validation of Higher Education) procedure can enable students to enter the second year. 


Pedagogical Manager :

Laura Carmouze
Lecturer | Academic Director Of Bachelor's Program In Public Administration Year 2

Schooling Service :

Marie-Claire Saglietto
Aix - Bachelor's Degree Manager