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Master's degree attractiveness and new place marketing - year 2

  • Initial training - continuing education
  • Aix-en-Provence
  • Work-linked training

Presentation of the training

This Master 2 Public Management, "Attractiveness and New Territorial Marketing" course is part of a logic of professional skills development with the acquisition of the fundamentals and concepts necessary for the implementation of territorial attractiveness and territorial marketing approaches.
This Master's Degree aims to complete a course in law, economics and management with specific training in marketing in the sector of territorial attractiveness.

  • Target audience

    People who have validated a Master 1 in Law-Economy-Economy-Management, in particular the Master's Degree 1 in Public Management or who have acquired a solid professional experience and who wish to move towards the territorial attractiveness sector by holding positions related to territorial marketing.

  • Skills

    Graduates will have acquired the following skills:

    • Operational: Acquiring a methodology, territorial marketing tools (diagnosis, brands, ambassadors, etc.)
    • Reflexivity: Developing a scientific analysis and questioning practices, producing a thesis applied to territorial marketing with support on research methodology.
    • Transversality: Having a transverse vision of the attractiveness and its sectors of activity
    • Network: meeting and exchanging with a multidisciplinary network of speakers, experts, academics, during training sessions but also during the Chair's events.


  • Organization of the training

    The training is organized in a work-study rhythm, with 12 weeks of courses (1 week per month), work experience (about 3 weeks per month in the form of an apprenticeship contract, professionalization contract or internship agreement) and exams spread over the academic year, allowing for round trips with the field.

    The training followed and the experience acquired through the work-study program are the subject of a dissertation and support in building a professional network.

    The courses developed are at the heart of the concerns of territories, local authorities, and businesses in terms of economic development, tourism and event development, attractiveness, competitiveness and social inclusion. During each session, no less than 15 professional (around 120 hours) and/or academic (around 140 hours) experts meet with students/audiences to present and transmit their expertise in territorial marketing and attractiveness.


  • Content of the training

    Semester 3:

    The fundamental aspects of territorial marketing (6 ECTS)
    Transversality of territorial marketing sectors (9 ECTS)
    Collaborative and experiential digital (9 ECTS)
    Governance and specific territories of territorial marketing (6 ECTS)

    Semester 4 :

    End of studies and professional thesis (30 ECTS)

  • Further education and job opportunities

    Further education:
    Ph.D. in Sciences Management

    Opportunities :

    • Sectors: As the program is cross-cutting, the opportunities are numerous and may concern both public and private sector structures in various fields.
    • Targeted occupations: territorial marketing officer, economic development officer, tourism development officer, service manager (attractiveness, tourism, MICE, economic development, etc.), local and territorial development project manager, city contract project manager or manager, director of non-for-profit organizations or parapublic structures (such as CRT, joint association, etc.).
  • Admission requirements

    Admission is subject to application and individual interview.

    For students in initial training : a Master 1 in Law, Economics, Management, in particular the Master's Degree 1 in Public Management.

    For those in continuing education: a Master 1 in law, economics or management, and management experience in the public or semi-public sector.

    Students who do not meet the required admission criteria (level of study, training outside the field of law/economics/management) can benefit from validation systems (VAP - VAE).

  • Partnerships & training highlights

    As this Master's Degree is attached to the A&NMT University Chair held by the IMPGT, students benefit from the latter's ecosystem of nearly 30 local authorities and French companies.

    Also, students will be invited to participate during their academic year in professional events such as the Cap'Com Forum and the Place Marketing Forum.


Pedagogical managers :

Photo du contact
Christophe Alaux
Dean IMPGT & ANMT Chair
University Professor | Academic Director of Master's degree programs : Attractiveness and New Place Marketing Year 2 / Public Marketing and Communication Year 2
Photo du contact
Sarah Serval
Deputy Director of the A&NMT Chair
Lecturer | Academic Director of Master's degree programs : Attractiveness and New Place Marketing Year 2 / Public Marketing and Communication Year 2

Schooling Service :

Sandrine Fournier
Master's degree program Registrar : MESS (Year 1-2) | MAP, DMPCT, MCP (Year 2)

Apprenticeship Office :

Rim Dupuis
Apprenticeship Development Officer

Other contact :

Photo du contact
Annie Delanghe
Project Manager - A&NMT Chair