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Research Master's degree in "Studies and Consulting in Sciences Management" - year 2

  • Initial training - continuing education
  • Aix-en-Provence
  • Standard rhythm

Presentation of the training

Within the framework of the Master 2 Research, Studies and Consulting in Management Sciences, the Public Management specialty enables students to master all the research techniques, theories and managerial concepts that they will have to implement in their professional life, whether in an academic or consulting career.

This Master's Degree aims at training tomorrow's professionals in academic or applied research. It prepares them for teaching and research, as well as consulting.

Mastering the design and conduct of studies (research design and methodologies), scientific writing, oral and visual communication, students then go on to hold jobs in consulting and expertise firms specializing in the public sector, management positions in large public organizations, and research managers. This Master's Degree also prepares students for a doctorate in Management Sciences in order to complete a thesis in the field of public management. Regardless of the course chosen, each student benefits from specialized training that meets the requirements of the highest international research standards.

  • Target audience

    Open to students in initial training , as well as to current managers in continuing education, this Master's Degree provides them with the core skills that will enable them to carry out their future functions independently, in the fields of management sciences and public management (public/parapublic organizations, non-for-profit organizations/NGOs, private companies that are partners of public organizations, etc.).

  • Skills

    Graduates will have acquired the following skills:

    Become a researcher/consultant in management sciences

    • Creativity and critical thinking (clarifying a research question, conducting research independently, mobilizing theories, interpreting results),
    • Methodologies (quantitative, qualitative, mixed): choosing, justifying, putting into practice with regard to changing constraints.
    • Scientific writing (understanding the structure of an academic article/thesis, writing a literature review, formulating research questions/ hypotheses).
    • Consulting skills (identify managerial issues, synthesize ideas and respond to an order, be forceful in making proposals).

    Knowledge of public management (PM) research:

    • Mastering the fundamentals and emerging themes of PM research,
    • Orienting oneself in PM research (by function: HR, marketing, strategy, finance, and sector: culture, health, social, environment, sustainable development, etc.).
    • Appropriating the academic and professional environment of PM research (promote employability, funding and commercialization of research)

    Written, oral and visual communication

  • Organization of the training

    The Master 2 year is divided into two complementary parts. In the first part (semester 3), courses (common core with IAE) devoted to the methodological foundations of Research in Management Sciences are given. In the second (semester 4), students acquire knowledge in the main areas of research in public management, including emerging areas.

    The thesis of the second semester is the opportunity for the student to get acquainted with the research work (methodology and writing). It is supervised by a thesis director.

    The lecturers combine various teaching methods: theoretical presentations, case studies, role-playing, role-playing and discussion periods, in English and French, allowing the student to take an active part in their training.

  • Content of the training

    Semester 3:

    Quantitative methodologies in management (6 ECTS)
    Understanding Quantitative Methods
    Using tools for analyzing quantitative data
    Qualitative Methodology in Management (6 ECTS)
    Understanding qualitative methods
    Using tools for analyzing qualitative data
    Theoretical foundations of management research (6 ECTS)
    Theory of organizations and firm theory
    Definition of the project and the research problem (6 ECTS)
    Research design and construction of a research project
    Application: critical reading of a thesis Analysis and research methodology (6 ECTS)
    Mastering the foundations and fundamentals of research in public management

    Semester 4:

    Knowing public management research (10 ECTS)
    Mastering the trends and emerging themes of public management research
    Orientation in public management research: functional and sectoral approaches to public management
    Produce data and generate analyses: methodological and technical in-depth studies (4 ECTS)
    Collecting and processing data: techniques, practices and in-depth studies
    Grand oral (4 ECTS)
    Research thesis (12 ECTS)

  • Further education and job opportunities

    Further education:

    Opportunities :

    The Master 2 prepares students for careers in teaching and research as well as in consulting (consulting firms and expertise specialized in the public sector) and for positions of responsibility within large public organizations or as research assistants.

  • Admission requirements

    Admission is subject to application.

    For students in initial training: a Master 1 in Management, Public Management, Public Administration, Public Policy, Political Science, or Public Law.

    For those in continuing education: a Master 1 in Law, Economics, or Management, and management experience in the public or parapublic sector.


This training allowed me to deepen my knowledge of the world of research, while acquiring a solid theoretical basis in Public Management. On top of that, I had a high quality support and supervision from my research director and all the IMPGT professors. Thanks to this, I obtained a doctoral contract.

Mohammed CHERGUI
Contract doctoral student - IMPGT
Research Master's degree in "Studies and Consulting in Management Science" - year 2
Promotion 2019-2020

If I had to sum up my research master year (year 2017-2018) in one word, I would say "knowledge". This training has taught me a lot of knowledge in the field of research, but also about myself. It allows me to mix the requirements of a master's degree with a work of introspection which allows me to formulate a thesis project in which I find myself. I had chosen this training because it was a first step towards obtaining doctoral funding. If I were to give an advice to future students: enjoy yourself. It is certainly work, but it is your opportunity to grasp the subjects that interest you and to learn how to construct them as an exciting object of research. Currently, I am continuing my doctoral work and teaching at IMPGT.

Contract doctoral student - IMPGT
Research Master's degree in "Studies and Consulting in Management Science" - year 2
Class of 2017-2018

This year of Master 2 Research at IMPGT has not only taught me a lot about research in management sciences, but also to be persevering and critical. Exchanges with the teacher-researchers of IMPGT and IAE, team spirit among the students of the class, and a research work on a subject that I am passionate about made this year very enriching for me, and motivated me to continue with a doctoral thesis.

Magdalena POTZ
Contract doctoral student - IMPGT
Research Master's degree in "Studies and Consulting in Management Science" - year 2
Promotion 2019-2020


Pedagogical Manager :

Solange Hernandez
Research Assessor - Public Management Team CERGAM
University Professor | Academic Director of Master's degree program: Studies and Consulting in Management Science

Other contact :

Photo du contact
Lély Tan
Chair of Research Promotion and International Partnerships