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University Degree - Undergraduate (Bachelor's) - Defence Actors and Security Factors


This University Diploma is the result of a unique partnership between the IMPGT (Aix-Marseille University) and the Air Force Officer Training School of Salon de Provence.

The objective of this DU is to give simultaneously to civilian and military executives a high level culture on security and defence issues, in the sense of the White Paper on Defence and National Security. This simultaneity is likely to build the foundations of public management at the service of the army in order to better prepare both sides to work together in operational situations.

  • Target audience

    This DU is exclusively intended for officer cadets of the Air Force based in Salon de Provence, holders of a baccalaureate level or beneficiaries of a validation of prior learning.

  • Knowledge to be acquired

    • Defence actors
    • Ethics
    • Psychology
    • Public Management
    • Research methodology
  • Organization of the training

    In total, the students will follow 246 hours of training (206h CM and 40h TD) in the Salon-de-Provence air base.

    The lecturers are attached to the CRéA (Air School Research Centre) and to research laboratories at Aix-Marseille University, including CERGAM.

  • Content of the training

    • Lectures of general culture (24H)
    • General methodology (26H)
    • Leadership and leadership training (38H)
    • Public management and defence institutions (40H)
    • Personal development and social commitment (40H)
    • Human Factors (14H)
    • International relations (30H)
    • Culture of the officer (34H)
  • Further education and job opportunities

    Defence and security professions.

  • Admission requirements

    Access to this DU is exclusively reserved for Air Force officer cadets, via the Air Force Academy based in Salon de Provence, who hold a baccalaureate level or who have received a validation of prior learning.

    Applications will be examined by a teaching committee.


Pedagogical Manager :

Photo du contact
Anaïs Saint Jonsson
Training assessor
Lecturer | Academic Director of Master's degree programs : MQGRS Year 2 and SMT Year 2