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Practical information

Photo du bâtiment de l'IMPGT
  • Education

    The IMPGT school welcomes you:

    • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday - 08H45 - 12H00 | 13H45-16H30
    • Wednesday and Friday - 08H45 - 12H00 | Closed in the afternoon
  • Scholarships & Social Assistance

    The CROUS d'Aix-Marseille offers services to students for :

  • Housing

    CROUS university residences

    Housing managed by CROUS is allocated in priority to students whose families have low resources via the DSE (Dossier Social Étudiant).

    Housing: AMU housing platform in partnership with Studapart

    This platform centralizes the offers close to university campuses: owners, agencies, student residences...

    Lokaviz: student housing centre

    It allows you to use a multi-criteria search to consult housing offers from the CROUS or private individuals.

    For work-linked students: Home In Love

    Home in Love is a delegated service company of Action Logement that assists students in all these steps free of charge. 


    For work-linked students: Via Humanis 

  • Catering

    The CROUS d'Aix-Marseille runs many restaurants and cafeterias within easy reach of all students on and off scholarship, being practical, fast and economical. Those closest to the IMPGT :

    Saporta website:

    • INSPE Cafeteria | 8 min walk

      2 avenue Jules Isaac - 13621 Aix-en-Provence cedex 1
    • Restaurant Universitaire Les Arts et Métiers | 13 minutes on foot

      Cours des Arts et Métiers - 13621 Aix-en-Provence cedex 1

    Canebière website:

    • Canebière University Restaurant

      9-11 rue Sénac - 13001 Marseille
    • Cafeteria Canebière

      Faculty of Law - Canebière - 13001 Marseille
  • University Libraries

    Saporta site | BU Saporta

    On the Saporta site, the IMPGT library has more than 2,300 books and 16 periodical titles in subscription. It also holds the dissertations of students who have obtained a mark of 14 or more.

    It offers collections on public administration management, cultural organisations and events, the management of health and social institutions, and more recently on the law and management of culture and the media for students at Bachelor, Master and doctoral levels.

    The library offers 20 seats and a computer workstation for documentary research.

    Site Canebière | BU Canebière

    The Canebière BU is located on the Canebière campus of the Faculties of Law and Economics in Marseille. It offers 36 press titles, magazines and journals for borrowing or consultation, as well as 16,000 works in law, political science, economics and management, general culture and competitive examination preparation, history, philosophy and social sciences.

    The library has 100 seats, 12 computer workstations, a photocopying and printing service, a tele enlarger for the visually impaired, and a wifi connection.

    IMPGT students also have access to all the collections and services of the Aix-Marseille University libraries.

  • Travel & Transportation

    For all students: 

    All information on travel and transport, financial aid and good plans, etc. are available on the Aix-Marseille University website.

    For sandwich course students: 

    The State's "Action Logement" scheme provides a service and two financial aids 100% free of charge for work-linked students in the context of professional mobility: 

    • Aide Mobili-Pass: help with the construction of the rental file, proposal of properties for visits carried out with estate agencies or private individuals in person or remotely, as well as support for the rental file with the landlord and assistance with the signing of the lease, the inventory of fixtures and obtaining the Visale guarantee.
    • Prime d'Aide à la Mobilité : 1000€ bonus paid when you move in   
    • Aide Mobili-Jeune : Aid of up to 100€ per month paid for the duration of the contract

    The eligibility criteria are as follows:

    • company located more than 70 km from the current address or 1h15 by public transport
    • company with more than 10 employees
    • search for a flat close to the company (a shared apartment works)
  • Sport & Culture

    Students benefit from a wide choice of sporting and cultural activities.


    More than 80 free sports activities are offered to Aix-Marseille University students. They are accessible in :

    • University competition (all competitive sports)
    • personal training
    • diploma courses (BNSSA national certificate in water safety and rescue, arbitration, etc.).
    • sports training (diving, sailing, horse riding, skiing, paragliding, etc.)
    • open access practice

    Students also have access to all sporting events.

    The activities are open to students with disabilities.


    Culture is at the heart of campuses, and students can take part in :

    • scientific literacy events
    • cultural activities (music practice, choir, dance company)
    • cultural events with free admission throughout the year.
  • Mission handicap

    The Aix-Marseille University Disability Mission welcomes and accompanies students with physical, sensory or mental disabilities, dyslexia or long-term disabling health problems. It proposes measures adapted to each student.

    In order to benefit from study and/or exam accommodations, students must get as close as possible to the disability mission.

  • Preventive medicine

    All students have access to the inter-university service of preventive medicine and health promotion (SIUMPPS).

    SIUMPPS Aix-en-Provence

    29 avenue Robert Schuman - Bât Le Cube

    13621 Aix-en-Provence cedex 1

    Tel : 04 13 94 22 80


  • Preventive medicine

    To prevent and fight against situations of sexist and/or sexual violence, harassment and discrimination, Aix-Marseille University has created the service for respect and equality.

    Contact : 

    Mail :

    Tel : 04 13 550 550