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Research team

University Professors
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Christophe Alaux
University Professor | Public marketing, Place marketing - Branding and social marketing
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Thomas Eisinger
Associate University Professor
Solange Hernandez
University Professor | Strategic Territorial Management - Sustainable Development; Management of Paradoxes; Mediterranean, European and Internationalal Comparisons
Edina Soldo
University Professor | Cultural Management, Cultural Economics and Cultural Policies - Strategic Public Management
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Emil Turc
Lecturer | Management of strategic changes - Implementation of performance management tools in the public sector
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Djelloul Arezki
Lecturer | Management of human resources in the field of public health - age management
Hamid Bachir Bendaoud
Lecturer | Finance - Public Management - Governance Financial analysis of communities
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Marius Bertolucci
Lecturer | Management of High Reliability Organisations - Philosophy and Management
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Céline Du Boys
Lecturer | Finance and Public Management - Resilience, Management and Financial Analysis of Local Authorities
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Sophie Lamouroux
Lecturer | Public Law
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Emmanuelle Moustier
Lecturer | Economic development and evaluation of international public aid (Mediterranean)
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Audrey Rivière
Lecturer | Human Resources Management - Role Tensions - Adjustment Strategies - Innovative Behaviour at Work - Public Management in Hospitals
Khaled Sabouné
Lecturer | Management of human resources - managerial relationship
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Anaïs Saint Jonsson
Lecturer | Information systems - Civil security, quality of communities - Gender
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Sarah Serval
Lecturer | Place Management of Innovation and Technology Transfer, University-Industry - Paradoxical and Neo-Institutional Theoretical Approaches
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PhD students / Temporary teaching assistants
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Perrine Alberola
2022 / The management of the residential attractiveness of a territory in the post crisis context of the Covid-19: the contribution of territorial marketing and the sciences of regional planning
Fénicia Barakat
2020 / The impact of the quality of the managerial relationship on occupational health in the social sector: an analysis using resource conservation theory 
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Laurine Basse
2019 / The hybrid manager, an actor in institutional stabilisation. The case of managerial prison staff
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Magali Benichou
2021 / Governance and management of cross-border cooperation by local authorities in European border regions: towards sustainable port waste management practices in Europe?
Ismail Bouhachm
2019 / Strategic evaluation: an approach to support stakeholders in the democratic management of the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) programme in Morocco
Nadia Boulmakoul
2017 / Corporate governance in hypergrowth situations: What are the specific levers and mechanisms of the corporate governance system in hypergrowth situations?
Manon Châtel
20201 / The attractiveness of territories through film productions
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Akim Chekhab
2023 / The DGS of EPCIs faced with the challenges of territorial recomposition: challenges, continuities and changes in local strategic public management
Mohammed Chergui-Darif
2020 / Smart territory and territorial inequalities. Reality, lessons and comparative perspectives of European and Mediterranean cases
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Etienne Doré-Lesachey
2023 / Territorial attractiveness management put to the test by the multiplicity of international attractiveness initiatives undertaken by local players.
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Mathilde Dougados
2018 / The commitment to work of employees of French decentralised administrations
Cassandra Haller
2021 / Training for creative work: towards a metamorphosis of the training offer of higher arts and creative education institutions
Sandrine Laverriere
2021 / Efficient and benevolent management in exceptional crisis situations
Erwan Lelièvre
2022 / The impact of information and communication technologies on shared leadership in high-reliability organizations. Case study of the Army
Potz Magdalena
2020 / Co-construction approaches of territorial public action to solve wicked problems: a multi-level analysis
Claire Ollier
2021 / Uses and reality of participatory democracy in territorial public management: Analysis of a paradox from the perspective of critical management studies (CMS)
Gillian Oriol
2020 / Strengthening the resilience capacities of local authorities: what responses from senior public managers to new crisis situations?
Santiago Rodriguez-Tabarquino
2022 / Towards a change in the mobility paradigm? Managerial proposals to meet the economic, social and environmental challenges of mobility at the territorial level
Yoann Roger
2021 / Organizational resilience of decentralized State services to large-scale crises: the case of the Regional Health Agencies in the face of the Copernican revolution in hospital investment governance undertaken ...
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Olivier Roman Piquant
2018 / The mechanisms of intergenerational knowledge transfer in a public scientific research establishment