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Research at IMPGT


Research at IMPGT is strongly focused on actors and organizations which can be part of the change. Their studies and research point out innovative management case studies, analyze theoretical and empirical questions and provide operational politics. IMPGT seeks to support public organizations in their change toward more efficiency and sustainability at all levels (local- national-international).

IMPGT studies and research both focus on private sector organizations/companies linked to public sector. IMPGT offers a Public Management perspective and insights on major contemporary society issues such as economic development, social fairness and climate change. IMPGT Research Team is dedicated to adressing Policy studies, Public Management and Governance challenges by examining questions of policy design and Implementation, enforcement and regulation.

  • Research strengths

    Doctoral students totally Involved In teaching and In Research activities

    All doctoral students benefit from supervision by IMPGT scholars and from personalised support in IMPGT research department. We also ensure our students are well prepared to launch their careers. We strongly encourage them to develop research papers from the first year. They present their new research findings at a quarterly research Seminar. Most of them have teaching appointments.

    A Research dedicated to Public Organizations/Leaders 

    We produce objective, independent and high-quality research for policy practitioners and academia, and the general public on Policy Studies, Public Management and Governance. We actively engage with policy communities, media, NGO to find actionable policy solutions in these areas.

    A strong international Research

    We also are engaged In a wide range of funded research projects (European H2020 research Program : COGOV and Interreg projects) and we are members of most Important European research network In these areas.

  • 2 university chairs housed at the IMPGT

    The IMPGT houses two university chairs :

    Attractiveness & New Territorial Marketing Chair

    Supported by public and private companies and founded by French local authorities, the "Attractiveness & New Territorial Marketing" Chair is a "territorial chair" dedicated to attractiveness and new territorial marketing practices in the world.


    Organizations and Territories of Arts, Culture and Creation Chair

    The objective of the Organizations and Territories of Arts, Culture and Creation Chair (OTACC) is to create an inclusive ecosystem of actors in the field of artistic, cultural and creative activities to promote societal transitions through three missions: research - development, training and events. 

  • CERGAM- Aix-Marseille Research Center In Management

    IMPGT's teacher-researchers and doctoral students are members of CERGAM (Aix-Marseille Université Research Centre in Management). CERGAM was created following the merger of three research centres. CERGAM maintains the vocation of developing and stimulating research in management sciences.

    Every year, the CERGAM public management research team organises conferences, in particular, the European Group of Public Administration (EGPA), with national public partners (ENA, INET, CNFPT…).

    CERGAM organized almost 40 national and international conferences between January 1st, 2011 and June 30, 2019. The research center served in close support of the 4èmes Etats Généraux du Management (Semaine du Management FNEGE, May 19-23, 2014) in Aix-Marseille. During the Semaine du Management de la FNEGE (FNEGE Management Week), CERGAM organized 4 conferences in association with French-speaking learned societies which gathered more than 400 researchers: ATLAS-AFMI international management), AIRMAP (public management), AFFI (finance), AIM (information system). Since then other organized events include:

    • International art culture and management conference 2015.
    • International institute of administrative sciences congress 2017.
    • French HRM National congress (AGRH) in 2017.
    • French CSR conference in 2019 (ADERSE)
    • Philosophy & management conference 2018 (SPSG)
    Logo CERGAM.png
  • Member of AMIDEX Institutes - University Foundation

    IMPGT is a member of two AMIDEX institutes:


    It is a multidisciplinary scientific network, conducting fundamental and applied research, linked to the socio-economic world, to understand and support creative and innovative processes in the fields of health, education and work.

    Creative activities give rise to scientific discoveries, cultural creations and innovations that transform people's daily lives. INCIAM's work on processes ranging from the emergence of ideas to the implementation of innovations supports a challenge of scientific and social progress. Specialists in creativity and innovation collaborate with specialists in the application sectors of health, work and education. These interdisciplinary collaborations provide a better understanding of creative and innovative processes in order to foster creativity and contribute to the development of innovations adapted to human capacities, limitations and needs.

    Logo de l'Institut Créativité et Innovation


    The Mediterranean Institute for Environmental Transition (ITEM) takes up the challenge of adapting our society to environmental changes.

    Understanding environmental changes and their global impact is a major challenge of the 21st century in order to move towards sustainable livelihoods. The Institut Méditerranéen pour la Transition Environnementale (ITEM) positions Aix-Marseille University at the international level and contributes to the implementation of Sustainable Development Objectives. With its Mediterranean roots, the institute proposes to develop interdisciplinary systemic research to understand the effects of global change on society and natural resources. ITEM is dedicated to the development of innovative solutions to better manage and anticipate natural and industrial risks, to accompany the transformation of cities and to develop original approaches to respond to complex socio-environmental issues.

    Logo de l'Institut Méditerranéen pour la transition environnementale
  • Member of scientific networks and learned societies

    IMPGT is member of the main scientific associations in the field of Public Management:

    • AFIGESE - Association Finances, Gestion, Evaluation des Collectivités Territoriales (Association of Finance, Management and Evaluation of Local Authorities)
    • AFM - French Marketing Association
    • AGRH - Association francophone de Gestion des Ressources Humaines (French-speaking Human Resources Management Association)
    • AIM - Association Information et Management
    • AIRMAP - International Association of Public Management
    • AIMS - International Association for Strategic Management
    • CIGAR - Comparative International Governmental Accounting Research
    • EURAM - European Academy of Management
    • EFMD - European Foundation for Management Development
    • EGOS - European Group of Organizational Studies
    • EGPA - European Group of Public Administration
    • EIASM - European Institute for Advances Studies in Management
    • FNEGE - Fondation Nationale pour l'Enseignement de la Gestion des Entreprises (National Foundation for the Teaching of Business Management)
    • IRSPM - International Research Society for Public Management
    • SPSG (FNEGE) - Société de Philosophie des Sciences de Gestion (Society of Philosophy of Management Sciences)