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The Chair of Organizations and Territories of Arts, Culture and Creation
"Co-constructing an inclusive ecosystem of stakeholders in the field of artistic, cultural and creative activities to promote societal transitions

The OTACC Chair is a laboratory for thinking, experimenting and disseminating innovative management systems for artistic, cultural and creative projects.

It was born from the observation that artistic, cultural and creative projects are a response to many current societal issues (environmental transition, digital transition, fight against discrimination...).

These projects make it possible to experiment with democratic governance mechanisms. They are part of co-construction strategies allowing the emergence of spaces, practices and tools for inclusion. They generate innovation dynamics involving all actors and all sectors of activity.

The OTACC Chair aims to support cultural and creative, social and solidarity-based entrepreneurship. It accompanies the emergence and development of projects through participatory research: we start from your problems to seek solutions together (academics, professionals and students).

  • The offer

    Mission 1 : Training

    • Master's program "Management and Law of Cultural Organizations and Events".
    • Cultural and creative, social and solidarity-based entrepreneurial incubator
    • Training on demand
    • Skills assessment
    • A serious game: a life-size role-playing game

    Mission 2: research & development

    • Watch
    • Publications
    • Evaluations
    • Research and development projects

    Mission 3: events

    • An annual flagship event: the "Journées Organisations et Territoires des Arts de la Culture et de la Création
    • Thematic micro-events: phygital
    • Intervention of the Chair's experts in the events of the Chair's members
  • The options

    Mission 1 : Training

    • Recruit an apprentice
    • Host an entrepreneurial project from the incubator

    Mission 2: research & development

    • Co-finance research partnerships (Cifre thesis, ANR project, Horizon Europe project, Creative Europe programme, etc.)

    Mission 3: events

    • Hosting the "OTACC Chair's cultural days".
  • Strengths

    • 20 years of experience: The Chair is based on a teaching and research programme of excellence in the management of artistic, cultural and creative projects.
    • A solid and recognized expertise The Chair's experts are involved in local, national and international scientific and professional networks.
    • An emblematic location of Aix-Marseille University: the Hôtel Maynier d'Oppède.

    The hotel is a multi-faceted space in the heart of Aix-en-Provence: training, research and development, creation and artistic dissemination. It houses the IMPGT, the A&NMT Chair and the OTACC Chair and hosts numerous cultural events.

  • Journées culturelles de la Chaire OTACC

    Chaque année, la chaire Organisation et Territoires des Arts, de la Culture et de la Création organise avec les étudiant.e.s du Master Management et Droit des Organisations et des Manifestations Culturelles les Journées Culturelles. Au travers de conférences, ateliers participatifs et d’immersions narratives ils questionnent des problématiques relatives à l’inclusion dans les industries culturelles créatives. 

    Découvrez l'édition 2023 :

  • Become a member of the OTACC Chair

    • A financing logic based on the principles of the Social & Solidarity Economy
    • The contribution is adjustable according to the results of the year N-1
    • A degressive contribution according to your degree of involvement in each of the missions thanks to the options chosen

The steering team

Edina Soldo
University Professor | Academic Director of Master's degree program: Law and Management of Cultural Organisations & Events Year 1-2
Djelloul Arezki
Lecturer | Academic Director of Master's degree program : Law and Management of Cultural Organisations & Events Year 1-2
Laurene Ciccolini-Frattini
Educational engineer