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Visuel FAQ [Description]



  • How to connect to the WIFI Aix*Marseille University network?

    Connect to the Aix*Marseille University WIFI network. Once connected, open your browser. The first time you try to connect to a website, you will be redirected to a captive authentication portal. Your credentials to be indicated are the same as for connecting to your ENT.

    If you do not yet have your ENT identifiers, you must proceed with your administrative registration.

  • I have lost my ENT username / password, how can I get them back?

    Your ENT ID is shown on your school certificate.

    • Initial account (not activated), please contact your school manager.
    • Account already activated, go to Sesame.


  • In what language are the teachings?

    All courses taught at IMPGT, except those in foreign languages, are in French.

  • How many students per class?

    In the Bachelor's program, the average number of students per class is 100. In the Master's program, the number of students varies for each class and can range from 15 to 120, depending on the specialty.

  • Can I take a year off?

    As a student, it is possible to suspend your course for one or two semesters to complete a project. To do so, you must apply.

    Please note that applications must be submitted during defined periods.

  • Can the training courses be followed at a distance?

    No, all the training courses are given in person at the Aix-en-Provence (Saporta) or Marseille (Canebière) sites, depending on the specialities.