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Every year, IMPGT welcomes international students from the Bachelor's to the PhD level, either as part of exchange programs or as free candidates.

In addition, a series of welcoming activities are orchestrated by Aix-Marseille University to ensure the smooth integration of international students. In particular, a visit to the international student reception desk is compulsory for all newcomer students from outside Europe.

Before you can follow an exchange program at IMPGT, you must make sure that there is an agreement between your home university and IMPGT (Aix-Marseille University). Then, you must first be selected by your home university to participate in one of the exchange programs. We therefore invite you to contact the international relations department of your university.

After selection by your home university, your international relations department will forward your application to us.

Exchange programs

In order to improve the reception of international students (living abroad) outside the exchange program, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created the Centres pour les Études en France (CEF).

If you reside in one of the countries covered by the "Études en France" dematerialised procedure, you must follow the Études en France procedure to apply. This entirely dematerialized procedure allows you to manage all the steps involved in enrolling in a higher education institution up to the visa application.

Within the framework of your international mobility, you can apply for several scholarships:

Eiffel scholarships: Eiffel scholarships are scholarships for excellence at Master and Doctorate levels for Law and Political Science, Economics-Management and Science. Foreign students who wish to apply for an Eiffel scholarship should not do so directly but through the intermediary of the French university in which they wish to enrol. The application is presented by the person in charge of the Master's programme or the thesis director.

AUF Scholarship: The Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie's mobility aid programmes concern students at Master or Doctorate level in disciplines related to the development priorities of the country of origin. Calls for tender are published by the regional offices, each of which may have different application procedures.

Other scholarships: As an international student, you may also be eligible for other scholarships depending on your nationality, level and field of study, etc.