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All the training courses offered by the IMPGT, whether in classic rhythm or in work-study, are oriented towards the professional world. A work-study and/or work-study course is compulsory for each year of training, from Licence 1 to Master 2.


    IMPGT students have in-depth knowledge of the public and para-public sector and develop a wide range of expertise depending on their background: steering and management of organisations and public policies, evaluation, management control, finance, human resources, communication, public marketing, territorial attractiveness, management of sustainable development, quality and societal risks, project management...

    For the training courses in classical rhythm: The completion of an internship is mandatory.

    Licence 1, 2 and 3: 1 month minimum full-time from April - 6 months maximum.

    Master 1: 2 months minimum full time from April - 5 months maximum

    Master 2: 4 months minimum full time from April - 6 months maximum

    In addition to the end-of-year internship period, students can sign an internship agreement for 2 days per week starting in November, if the calendar of their training allows it.

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  • Offer WORK-STUDY PROGRAMS (apprenticeship or professionalization contracts)

    For sandwich courses: students alternate between 3 to 4 weeks in a company/administration and 1 week of classes at the IMPGT from September to August. In this case, it is possible to sign either an apprenticeship contract, or a professionalization contract or an internship agreement.


    You can also submit your job offers. They will be forwarded to current and former IMPGT students.