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Become an A&NMT Chair Partner

Logo de la Chaire Attractivité et Nouveau Marketing territorial

One of the specific features of the A&NMT Chair lies in its ecosystem of some thirty local authorities and companies, including founders who have been present since its creation in 2013 and partners who have joined the network over the years.

By joining the ecosystem of the A&NMT Chair, the founders-partners benefit from offers and services to reinforce their expertise, to expand their network and to train/recruit, all this in the fields of territorial marketing and attractiveness.


    Local authorities, public agencies, private companies, consular bodies, associations interested in attractiveness and territorial marketing.


    Strengthening the Partner's expertise

    • Exclusive access to the international watch platform, powered by the A&NMT Chair
    • Access to summaries of new practices written by the A&NMT Chair
    • Availability of the studies of the A&NMT Chair, including the one on the image of territories or the one on the e-reputation of territories.
    • 3 entries to the Place Marketing Forum and other meetings throughout the year and/or preferential rates.

    Promoting the Partner

    • Promotion of the organization on the documents, supports and publications of the A&NMT Chair, but also during organized events
    • Valuation of the organization's expertise on the issues of territorial marketing and attractiveness
    • Dissemination of the organization's practices, projects and news to the entire ecosystem of the A&NMT Chair

    Expanding the Partner's network

    • Exchanges throughout the year with the founders and partners of the A&NMT Chair
    • Connecting with the network of territorial marketing and attractiveness actors
    • Link with the management of the A&NMT Chair and the staff in charge of the watch
    • Meeting with international players at the Place Marketing Forum

    Partner's training and recruitment

    • Raising the awareness of elected officials, employees and institutional and private players on the changes in territorial marketing
    • Possibility of training territorial executives in territorial marketing trends and new practices
    • possibility to recruit students trained in territorial marketing (trainees, apprentices, PhD students) and to find specialized profiles (territorial executives)

    A partnership agreement is signed for a period of 3 years, between your organization and the A&NMT Chair (IMPGT - Aix-Marseille University).

  • RATE

    The fee is a one-off and amounts to 10,000 euros per year.

    It is possible to federate the payment between organizations: maximum 3 organizations which must either be part of the same inter-municipality or be contiguous.


Photo du contact
Annie Delanghe
Project Manager - A&NMT Chair