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A&NMT Chair

Chaire A&NMT
Logo de la Chaire Attractivité et Nouveau Marketing territorial

Carried by public and private companies and founded by French local authorities, the "Attractiveness & New Territorial Marketing" Chair is a "territorial chair" dedicated to the attractiveness and new practices of territorial marketing in the world.

It is strongly oriented towards innovation in the different professions of territorial development and marketing: diagnosis and strategy, structuring and qualification of the offer, pricing strategy, branding, marketing, communication, operational action plan, governance and animation of the actors.Because it considers that this is a condition for its effectiveness and that all trends and practices show a convergence of the different sectors and marketing techniques, it defendsa holistic vision of attractiveness : It is therefore interested in all the issues of attractiveness, whether it is to develop the capacity of territories to promote their offer or whether it is to attract people (tourists, businessmen, researchers, students, retired people, new residents, participants in major cultural, sporting or business events) or capital (investors, planners, business creators, etc.) to the area.

A Chair with an international and operational focus

Through its organisation and programme, it is as much a place for research, work and exchange as a producer of services and tools for the benefit of its founders, partners and professionals.

In order to meet their expectations, it is part of both an international approach (speakers and international case studies in the Master's programme, simultaneous translation at the conference, database and international watch, international publication) and an "operational" approach to territorial attractiveness and marketing.

This is expressed in particular through its facilitators (all of whom are professionals with real management experience), its training programme (provided mainly by people who have implemented the various approaches or actions and based on concrete cases and feedback), its applied research (which itself relies on an online platform for monitoring and consulting best practices around the world) and its annual forum (exchange and sharing of concrete experiences between professionals).

  • 3 observations that led to the launch of the Chair

    1. Attractiveness has now become a major issue for the future of local and regional authorities, given its impact on employment, the economy and culture, as well as on the quality of life of inhabitants in general, especially as local and regional authorities' budgets are shrinking and the results of current territorial marketing activities are often considered insufficient by elected representatives and professionals in the sector.
    2. A new territorial marketing is being born in the world. It is a consequence of the hyper-competition between territories and of the recent upheavals in the political, economic, sociological, climatic, demographic and technological environment of local authorities. These new approaches and practices of attractiveness and territorial marketing are changing the place of citizens and overturning the management, governance and current practices of the most efficient local authorities that are implementing them.
    3. French local authorities have little knowledge of the practices of the most successful territories in the world, and there is currently no permanent monitoring of best practices in territorial marketing in all its various professions and sectors of attractiveness.

    Thus, the Chair was created to try to respond to these three challenges in order to enable local authorities to develop more effective territorial marketing strategies and companies to mobilise effectively around them.

  • Our values


    • Agility: ability to adapt to the diversity of actors, territories and themes
    • Creativity: research, innovation, identification, analysis, inspiration, dissemination
    • Diversity: actors, territories and themes at the international level
    • Neutrality: political, scientific and territorial
    • Proximity: virtual and physical proximity to the members of the ecosystem
    • Reciprocity: trust, commitment with and between actors in the ecosystem


  • Its objectives and ambitions

    The Chair has three objectives:

    • To monitor trends and best practices in territorial marketing around the world.
    • Improve training and information sharing on the most innovative and efficient territorial marketing
    • Promote the development of new models and operational tools for territorial marketing for the benefit of territories and companies. Indeed, we work on everything that allows, within the framework of a territorial marketing policy, to strengthen the link between the company and its territory and, on a general level, everything that allows to create more value by making belonging to a territory a real competitive advantage.

    Functioning as a "think-tank" around its founders, partners and experts and professionals in the sector, the Chair "Attractiveness & New Territorial Marketing" has set itself the ambition of becoming a European leader in information, research and teaching of innovative territorial marketing.

  • 4 major missions

    Monitoring and AppliedResearch of best practices in attractiveness and territorial marketing, with a focus on the most effective or innovative strategies in the world. Watch sheets and summaries are made available on a web platform.

    Scientific expertise in territorial marketing to enrich the watch: university publications, specific research programmes on themes proposed by the founders and partners.

    Training A degree course (Master 2 Attractiveness and New Territorial Marketing) or non-degree course is offered both to students in initial training and to professionals in continuing education.

    Meetings / Events: Organisation of several meetings on territorial marketing and attractiveness, including the Place Marketing Forum. But also, participation in conferences and scientific symposiums.

  • Founders and partners

    One of the specific features of the A&NMT Chair lies in its ecosystem of some thirty local authorities and companies, including founders who have been present since its creation in 2013 and partners who have joined the network over the years.

    By joining the ecosystem of the A&NMT Chair, the founders-partners benefit from offers and services to reinforce their expertise, to expand their network and to train/recruit, all this in the fields of territorial marketing and attractiveness.