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Cultural Days of the OTACC Chair 23

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The Chair Organization and Territories of Arts, Culture and Creation (OTACC) organizes the Cultural Days 2023 on "The Art of inclusion: the new cultural revolution", on May 10, 11 and 12 at 6MIC in Aix-en-Provence.

The Journées Culturelles is an annual event, led by the OTACC Chair and realized by the students of the Master in Management and Law of Cultural Organizations and Events. Through conferences, participative workshops and narrative immersions, students question issues related to inclusion in the creative cultural industries. These days are part of the OTACC Chair's participatory, open and inclusive science program.

Access to the Cultural Days is free, upon registration (via the online form).

3 days at the heart of an inclusive and committed ecosystem

  • 10H00-10H30 | Welcome of the participants - The Hall

    Welcome coffee for the participants of the Cultural Days

  • 10H30-10H45 | Opening speech of the Cultural Days 2023

    Opening speech of the Cultural Days by the management of the IMPGT, the OTACC Chair and the 6MIC.

  • 10H45-12H00 | Opening workshop

    More information to come

    Speakers :

    Djelloul Arezki, Co-director of the OTACC Chair

    Professor Edina Soldo, Co-director of the OTACC Chair

    The 6MIC team

  • 13H30-15H00 | Workshop : France, land of welcome and artistic encounters ?

    To question the way in which the links between the artist and his national territory are articulated, and more specifically the figure of the foreign artist, and his inclusion on the French territory. From this general topic, three different themes arise:

    • The deference of public and non-governmental actors to the inclusion of foreign artists
    • The practice of foreign artists
    • Cultural appropriation


    Guilda Chahverdi, former Director of the French Institute of Kabul - Institut Français

    Sarah Gorog, Director of Atelier artistes en exil in Marseille - Atelier artistes en exil

    Fida Mohissen, Theater Director, Actor, Director - 11 Gilgamesh

    Organizing team :

    Hugo Bourbon, Thomas Charlotiaux, Sophia Durante, Julien Martinez, Agatha Moore, Jasmine Rahal

  • 15H30-17H00 | Workshop: Ecological will versus economic reality

    In the current environmental context, which is deteriorating, and the known fragility of the cultural sector, we can ask ourselves what the future of culture will be between the will to participate in the ecological effort and the reality of the budgetary costs for its implementation. What future for cultural events in an environmental context that is deteriorating, torn between the ecological will and the economic reality of the sector?

    Speakers :

    Johan Dupuis, CSR Manager - Marsatac

    Véronique Fermé, Founder - COFEES

    Noé Thoraval, Director - Festival Sarcus

    Organizing team :

    Rhania Allier, Julien Courbebaisse, Jordan Krysiak, Mathilde Lompech, Virgile Tixier, Alice Zakarian

  • 10H00-10H30 | Welcome of the participants - The Hall

    Friendly welcome for participants - The Hall

  • 10H30-12H00 | Workshop: Prevention of risks related to the use of licit and illicit substances in the festive cultural environment

    The use of drugs and psychoactive substances in the festive cultural environment concerns both the public and the professionals of the sector. It poses a problem in the registers of public health, inherent dangers which can result from it and generate a strong insecurity. This is why our workshop has the ambition to question the use of these substances in the festive cultural environment, to grasp all the harmful dimension and to sensitize the public to the dangers which are attached to it.

    Speakers :

    Marc Brielles, SAFER coordinator - Safer / Marsatac

    Stéphane Delhaye, Director, manager of the Scic Iris, in charge of the financial and executive management - 6MIC

    Armelle Fourlon, Lawyer - Fourlon avocats

    Luc Nadier, Designer of SAFEE - SAFEE CASES

    Organizing team :

    Marie-Amélie Felisat, Louna Gimenez, Roxane Megard, Valentine Pierre, Jamal Rahmoun

  • 13H30-15H00 | Workshop: Culture in rural areas: from the idea of a "French cultural desert" to cultural innovation laboratories

    Far from the "cultural desert" that we imagine, the multiplicity and diversity of actors and actions present in rural areas offer an impression of abundance; a dynamism that should not hide a certain form of fragility requiring a better pooling of financial, material and human resources. How have rural areas become laboratories of cultural innovation? How can culture be promoted in rural areas? How to better combine culture and rurality?

    Speakers :

    Marie Bellon, Mayor of Villar Loubière

    Pierre-Marie Georges, Doctor of Geography, researcher associated with the Laboratory of Studies - University Lyon 2

    Léopold Jacquin, Managing Director - Polymorphe corp

    Organizing team :

    Cerise Baudrier, Carla Combot, Inès Constantin, Léa Houtteville, Célia Thoumassin, Constance Vahl

  • 15H30-17H00 | Workshop

    More information to come

  • 18H00 | Open Stage Art'buste

    More information to come

  • 10H00-10H30 | Welcome of the participants - The Hall

    Friendly welcome for participants - The Hall

  • 10H30-12H00 | Workshop: Choosing a Character: Andy Cap

    According to the WHO, "a person is disabled if his or her physical or mental integrity is impaired, so that his or her autonomy, ability to attend school or to hold a job are compromised". We started from the idea that video games are very accessible and inclusive today, and that they also allow people to integrate socially. Our problem is: how to make video games accessible for people with disabilities (physical or mental) and how it can be an actor of accessibility?

    Speakers :

    Legacy Angel - Streamer, Gamer

    David Combarieu, Founder of the association HandiGamerds

    Studio Douze Dixième

    Organizing team :

    Léana Autour, Mano Duphil, Marion Themelin, Maxyme Tourbot, Natacha Trautmann

  • 13H30-15H00 | Workshop: What place for the hearing and visually impaired spectators of the performing arts?

    Surtitling, LSF, audiodescription, amplified vibratory field... These terms have become familiar in organizations' communication. However, this was not always the case. Visually and hearing impaired audiences have long been excluded from culture, and more particularly from live performances. What measures have been put in place to include them? What are the challenges and difficulties encountered? Thanks to an exchange with professionals of the sector and people with disabilities, we will try to answer these questions and we will think together about new ways to include them.

    Speakers :

    Eugénie Carpinteiro, Live performance enthusiast, visually impaired - Association Valentin Hauy

    Lara David, Communication Officer - Accès culture

    Julie Moreira-Miguel, Public Relations Officer - Festival de Marseille

    Organizing team: Juliette Colpaerte, Charly Coston, Ninon Guillet, Léon Kern, Jeanne Poitte, Clélie Roy

  • 15H30-17H00 | Workshop : The use of art as a means of expression for young people far from cultural services

    This round table gives the floor to cultural structures setting up actions with young people far from cultural services. The latter will be able to transmit their feelings about these devices on video. Whether these young people are physically locked up, in prison or hospitalized, or socially in priority neighborhoods, we will discuss cultural actions that can alleviate social difficulties and allow for the development of personal fulfillment.

    Speakers :

    Amandine Cardona, Production and Administration Manager - Cie Après la pluie

    Jean-Jérôme Esposito, Actor - Collectif GENA

    Christel Fabre, Artistic Director - Cie Sur le fil

    Marina Pollas, Coordinator of Justice/Culture projects - Agence Régionale du Livre

    Organizing team :

    Flora Cantera, Anaïs Chantin, Agathe Coubard, Eva Delaby, Charlotte Re Maréchal, Emma Rinaudo Dome

  • 17H00-17H30 | Conclusion of the Cultural Days

    Synthesis of the exchanges of the Journées Culturelles 2023.

    Speakers :

    Djelloul Arezki, Director of the OTACC Chair

    Professor Edina Soldo, Director of the OTACC Chair

Practical information

The Journées Culturelles 23 will be held at the 6MIC, in Aix-en-Provence.

The 6MIC : 160 rue Pascal Duverger, 13090 Aix-en-Provence

The 6MIC is located at the entrance of the new district of La Constance in Aix-en-Provence, a few hundred meters from the Vasarely Foundation, at the level of the Chemin des Aubépines.

  • Coming to 6MIC

    > By car

    A51 from Marseille / Pertuis : exit Aix-Jas de Bouffan

    A8 from Nice : direction Gap A51 then exit 7 Jas de Bouffan

    A8 from Avignon, exit 29 Aix-Ouest, then follow "la Constance" / 6MIC.

    Free parking: 6MIC 250 places, in front of 6MIC 200 places or Vasarely foundation 100 places (5min walk from 6MIC)


    The OTACC Chair invites you to carpool if possible. The number of parking spaces is not limited but your ecological footprint is.

    > By Bus

    Line A - Aixpress

    Stop Vasarely, then 600m (10 minutes) then walk along the Chemin des Aubépines

    Stop Coq d'Argent, then walk along route de Valcros (10 minutes)

    Download the leaflet with the schedule

The organizers

The partners


Laurene Ciccolini-Frattini
Educational engineer