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18 high school students from the Bouches du Rhône region immersed for a day at the IMPGT

January 25, 2024

As part of the "Teste ton sup" day organized by the PANORAMA scheme, the IMPGT welcomed 18 high school students from 6 different Bouches-du-Rhône high schools to the Saporta site on Thursday January 25, 2024. The aim? To give them the opportunity to come and immerse themselves in our campus, so that they can discover a new field of training, in line with their choice of specialization and/or field of study, to project themselves into their studies and envisage professions and sectors hitherto unexplored, to open up the fields of possibility.

The 15 high-school students attended and actively participated in two classes: an economics lecture on "Contemporary economic thought and major controversies" with 1st-year Bachelor of Public Administration students, given by Laura CARMOUZE, Senior Lecturer, and a tutorial on "Major current affairs" with Bruno TIBERGHIEN, University Professor, and students from the 3rd-year Bachelor of Public Administration. During the lunch break, the high-school students visited the campus and enjoyed a picnic with the current students, to chat and ask questions about student life at the IMPGT.

During the day, they were accompanied by Charlotte ZEKHNINI, IMPGT educational engineer.

The Teste ton Sup day was an immersion experience rich in discovery and interaction, offering the high school students a concrete glimpse of what awaits them after the baccalauréat, if they choose to study at the IMPGT, in the public administration bachelor's degree course in public management.

The PANORAMA program is designed to create an integrated ecosystem to help high-school students in the Aix-Marseille and Var regions choose the right career path.