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Cultural and Creative Industries Day - Narrative Immersions | Mucem

September 13, 2021

The OTACC chair of the IMPGT is co-organizing with the InCIAM the "Cultural and Creative Industries - Narrative Immersions" day at the MUCEM (Marseille) on September 13.

This day is part of the cycle of interdisciplinary meetings "A whole world in motion" supported by the interdisciplinary mission of Aix Marseille University.

It is dedicated to the transformative potential of the cultural and creative industries and will bring together researchers, teachers and professionals in the arts, culture and creation to share their innovative experiences.

Generators of multidimensional value (artistic, economic, social, civic), the cultural and creative industries (CCI) are at the heart of the transformation of our societies. Overcoming traditional sectoral boundaries, they offer a space for experimentation with co-creation practices fertilized by the cross-fertilization of disciplines, skills and actors and, in so doing, contribute to "telling the story" of our world and its changes. Based on experiences of cross-collaboration, this meeting proposes to explore the sources of these "innovative narratives".

Programme and link to the compulsory (free) registration:

Constraints linked to the health context:

The MUCEM, as an ERP, must welcome the public with a health pass. For information, the MUCEM offers free antigen screening (results in 15 minutes) every day (except on Tuesdays when it is closed, except on Tuesday 3 August) from 10am to 9pm at one of the museum entrances, the one located at the J4 esplanade.

Due to sanitary constraints, the MUCEM restaurant will not be able to provide meals on site. Do not hesitate to bring a picnic lunch that you can eat on site, facing the sea or in the "MUCEM gardens"!