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IMPGT: first French faculty to be awarded Great Place to Work® certification

October 26, 2023

Aix-Marseille University's Institut de Management Public et Gouvernance Territoriale has been awarded Great Place to Work® certification, distinguishing organizations where it's good to work. This is a first for a French faculty!

Why this survey?

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, which is based on the CPU-CGE SD-RS reference framework, the IMPGT was looking for a basis on which to improve the quality of life and working conditions of its staff. By obtaining the survey results, the aim was to identify areas for improvement while highlighting the team's strengths.

Secondly, participation in Great Place to Work was an opportunity to put into practice what is taught to students at the IMPGT. The teacher-researchers and administrative teams who train future public managers must themselves apply these management methods.

The possibility of obtaining the label also enabled the IMPGT to enhance its employer brand by demonstrating to future candidates (administrative and teacher-researchers) that the IMPGT cares about their well-being. Similarly, it is essential for students to know the working conditions under which those who interact with them on a daily basis operate.

Implementation and results:

Last September, IMPGT administrative and academic staff were surveyed anonymously by Great Place To Work about their working environment. By answering 62 questions, they were able to express their views on various aspects, such as confidence in management, pride in the work they do, and friendliness and interpersonal relations between colleagues.

Here are the key results of the survey in figures:

  • 81% of agents say they are proud to work at the IMPGT.
  • 94% of operatives testify to management's willingness to engage in dialogue, and to trust employees to do their jobs properly, without constant supervision.
  • 82% of agents emphasize that their work at the IMPGT has a special meaning for them, and that it's not just a job.
  • 88% of agents say that at the IMPGT they can count on help from colleagues and other staff.
  • 79% of agents say that the IMPGT encourages employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

For Christophe ALAUX, Director of the IMPGT, "the results attest to the meaning that IMPGT staff find in their missions, and to a genuine culture of public service within a socially committed university such as Aix-Marseille Université: 82% consider that their professional activity has a particular meaning: they don't just see it as a job. This collective commitment is underpinned by key values in which every IMPGT employee can identify: trust, autonomy, solidarity and conviviality.

What happens next?

In addition to providing a snapshot of the quality of working life at the IMPGT, this certification, which is valid for one year, is the starting point for co-constructing concrete actions aimed at strengthening and improving the experience of staff, while remaining attractive to future employees. Starting in November, working groups on the issues raised by the survey will be organized with employees, on a voluntary basis.


About Great Place To Work

Great Place To Work® evaluates the employee experience and helps organizations make a positive impact on their quality of life at work, their economic performance and society as a whole. Its mission: to build a better society by helping organizations become great places to work for everyone. Founded in 1992, Great Place To Work® is now present in 60 countries, and every year surveys 12 million employees from 6,000 organizations of all sizes and in all sectors.