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A look back at the 2023 edition of the ANMT Chair's Place Marketing Forum

May 26, 2023

Over the past 10 years, the Place Marketing Forum has become the most important meeting on the themes of territorial marketing and attractiveness, both in France and internationally. The Place Marketing Forum has become a real highlight in the agenda of professionals, managers, elected officials and young talents in the sector. Its leitmotivs are the discovery, exchange and sharing of best practices, with a view to reinforcing the attractiveness of territories, in a virtuous approach, mindful of its environment and its players and inhabitants.

Focus on the impact and evaluation of attractiveness initiatives

Since 2022, each edition of the Place Marketing Forum has focused on a key theme, reflecting current issues, trends and concerns. After PMF22, which focused on metropolitan attractiveness and territorial marketing strategies in times of transition, PMF23 focused on the impact of these strategies. Representatives from regions, départements, metropolises and cities came from all over the world to share their inspiring initiatives, successes and failures, with a view to inspiring all the local authorities present at the conferences.

Innovation, transferability, methodology

Over and above the importance of bringing together professionals and experts in the sector around attractiveness initiatives; identified by the A&NMT Chair team; more and more elected officials are interested in these subjects and in the various projects carried out in international territories. The fundamental objectives of the forum are, above all, to enable these different audiences to understand the methods and tools used by the territories represented, to analyze the transferability of such an approach and to identify the levers for successful implementation. It was with this same logic in mind that PMF23 was inaugurated with the presence of elected representatives from the regions of Occitanie, to discuss their vision and the issues relating to the impact of attractiveness initiatives on their own territory.

Conferences and think tanks brought together various international projects and cases, including Copenhagen (Denmark), Denver (USA), Montreal (Canada), Flanders (Belgium), the Loch Ness Inverness region (Scotland), Hamburg (Germany), Sfax (Tunisia), as well as French local authorities, including Lyon, the Occitanie region, Toulouse, Moselle, the Pyrenees, the European metropolis of Lille, the Manche département and the Normandy region. The presentations focused on the notion of impacts (environmental, societal and economic) in the fields of tourism, MICE (business tourism) and economic development.

The forum closed with three think tanks conducted in collaboration with the Chair's founding territories and partners on the themes of health and well-being, the governance of attractiveness initiatives, and the challenges and prospects of cooperation on a metropolitan scale.

A visit to the Cité de l'Espace and a memorable networking evening at the Toulouse Museum!

The forum is also an opportunity to showcase the host region. The "ville rose" and its surrounding region are world-renowned for the wealth of space and cultural industries that thrive here. This is an opportunity for participants to explore the famous Cité de l'Espace, a real European leader in the dissemination of space culture, during a visit to the farthest reaches of the cosmos, as well as the Toulouse Natural History Museum. Two unmissable venues for seminars, festivals, film screenings, gala evenings and professional meetings.

A 10th edition that was full of impact and lessons learned, and which augurs well for a future 2024 edition, soon to be held in the port city of Caen!

See photos of #PMF23 on the Chaire A&NMT flickr account.

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