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Social Innovation, Diversity and Performance Meeting: 2 days of sharing and reflection at the IMPGT

October 27, 2021

Always with the desire to encourage meetings, sharing and exchanges between professionals, teachers-researchers and students, the IMPGT hosted the 16th International Diversity Meeting (RID) and the 38th Summer University of Social Audit on the Saporta site on October 7 and 8.

For two days, conferences, round tables, workshops and symposiums on social innovation, diversity and performance followed one another at the IMPGT. The various current crises (health, social, economic, environmental, political...) show the need to rethink the functioning of public, private and parapublic structures. Faced with these observations, the postulate is as follows:diversity and social innovation are levers of performance for organizations,as they promote the emergence of new managerial practices, which are innovative solutions to contemporary problems.

Nearly 80 people (professionals, lecturers, doctoral students, students) from France, Canada, Belgium and Africa were present.

The meeting concluded with two prize-giving ceremonies:

  • Prize for the best communication of the 16th International Meeting on Diversity obtained by Mrs Manal EL ABBOUBI and her team.
  • The prize for the best communication of the 38th Summer University of Social Audit, obtained by Mrs Ingrid MAZZILLI and Mr Truong-Giang PHAM.


16th International Meeting on Diversity (RID) -Association les Défis de la Diversité

This project, born in 2004, by the will of Professor Jean-Marie PERETTI, aims to determine the stakes of "diversity", in the company, the organizations and the society. This event has become a reference in the promotion of diversity. Each year, it attracts more and more HRDs and diversity and CSR directors for the reflection that is carried out on the strategic issues of diversity management in companies, organizations and society.

38th Summer University of Social Audit -International Institute of Social Audit

Each year, the IAS Summer School offers members and non-members, professional clients, social and institutional actors, events that explore the state of the art on a particular theme related to social auditing.

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