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Start of the 2022 school year: 3 new IMPGT courses will be open to apprenticeship

May 23, 2022

More than 150 apprentices are expected to begin their studies in one of the 10 IMPGT sandwich courses, with an apprenticeship contract in September 2022. These are 3 different types of Master's degree courses in Public Management, at the Master 2 level:

-Management of Public Administrations:it provides training in the challenges of innovation and e-administration in public services while specializing in resource functions in high demand (finance, management control, HRM, etc.).

-Management, quality and social risk management: its purpose is to train the quality managers and risk managers of tomorrow by confronting them with the realities of the field.

-Security and management of territories: Developed with one of the national reference actors, the ENSOSP, it trains under the angle of management and law in order to equip the organizations of the security of territories in phase with the recent evolutions of the sector.

A real gateway to employment and professional integration, work-study training has been developed since 2016 at the IMPGT and allows students to obtain a diploma, while training for a job by immersing themselves in the life and culture of the company / administration.

Apprenticeship in partnership with theCFA EPURE Méditerranée.

Learn more about apprenticeship and work-study programs at the IMPGT: