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Cultural Days of the OTACC Chair

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The Chair of Organization and Territories of Arts, Culture and Creation (OTACC) is organizing the Cultural Days 2022 on "The Art of Inclusion: the new cultural revolution?", on May 11, 12 and 13 at the Friche La Belle de Mai (Marseille).

The Journées Culturelles is an annual event, co-piloted by the OTACC Chair and the Friche la Belle de Mai and realized by the students of the Master in Management and Law of Cultural Organizations and Events.

Through round tables, participatory workshops and narrative immersions, students question issues related to inclusion in the creative cultural industries. These days are part of the OTACC Chair's participatory, open and inclusive science program.

Access to all the highlights of the Cultural Days is free, upon registration (via the online form)

3 days with a rich and committed program

  • 09H30 | Welcome of participants - Seita Room

    Welcome coffee for the participants of the Cultural Days, in front of the SEITA room.

  • 10H00-10H20 | Welcome to the Cultural Days 22

    Opening of the cultural days by the management of the IMPGT, the OTACC Chair and the Friche Belle de Mai.

  • 10H20-10H50 | Conference - Inclusion in the cultural and creative industries: dialogue between academics, students and professionals

    Presentation of the red thread of the Cultural Days.

    Speakers :

    Djelloul Arezki, Director of the OTACC Chair

    Professor Edina Soldo, Director of the OTACC Chair

    The Friche Belle de Mai team

  • 10H50-12H20 | Workshop 1 - Inclusiveness, project or posture?

    Greenwashing, pinkwashing... Terms that have become familiar in the communication of organizations. Since inclusion has become a "criterion", can we talk about inclusive-washing, like a repetitive pattern in the position of structures?

    What are the difficulties in combining postures and realities as actors, and in distinguishing them as a public? Through an exchange with professionals of the sector, we will try to bring to each one a grid of reading of the organizational strategies.

    Speakers :

    Alessandra Andouard, Coordinator for Gender Equality and Europe - Centre National de la Musique

    Marion Delpech, Co-founder - Act-Right

    Anaïs Monaco, Administrative Manager - Bi-pole

    Organizing team :

    Eve Bergamini, Alexis Bernigaud, Louis Grimandi, Elliot Riva, Luc Touzet

  • 14H00-15H30 | Workshop 2 - Volunteering: a social inclusion device in the festival sector?

    3 speakers experienced in the world of festivals will discuss with you this theme of volunteering. Let's think and act together for a more participative and inclusive volunteering. Without volunteers, fewer festivals?

    Speakers :

    Aurélien Pitavy, Artistic and Administrative Director - Charlie Free Jazz

    Hugo Simmarano, Programming Assistant for the Marsatac Festival and Production Manager - Marsatac Agency

    Laurence Vivarelli, General Delegate - Festival Tous Courts

    Organizing team :

    Clara Janvier, Islem Jemai, Fabienne Sirot, Naouri Mekdad, Bastien Seno

  • 15H30-17H00 | Workshop 3 - Beyond the walls

    In the prison context, inclusion is found in the notion of reintegration: how can prisoners return to the normal course of their lives after a certain amount of time cut off from the world? How can prisoners take advantage of this time of "social exclusion" on the margins of their daily lives to open up to other practices?

    Speakers :

    Caroline Caccavale, Director - Lieux Fictifs

    Coralie Pietrucci, Public Relations - Ballet Preljocaj

    Organizing team :

    Raphaëlle Bouhet, Léa Bonny, Lucie Facomprez, Laurène Garderes, Alina Ukleina, Sasha Vales

  • 09H30 | Welcome of participants - Seita Room

    Welcome coffee for the participants of the Cultural Days, in front of the SEITA room.

  • 10H30-11H00 | Conference - Restitution of the European project h2020 COGOV

    Presentation of the results of the European research COGOV on the inclusion of territorial stakeholders in the management of metropolitan cultural strategies.

    Speakers :

    Djelloul Arezki, Director of the OTACC Chair

    Professor Edina Soldo, Director of the OTACC Chair

    The Friche Belle de Mai team

  • 11H00-12H00 | Conference - Cultural, social and solidarity-based entrepreneurship

    Feedback from former projects incubated by the OTACC Chair.

    panel under construction

  • 13H30-14H00 | Conference - Gender and management: research and training perspectives at the IMPGT

    Presentation of research and training projects on gender at the IMPGT.

    Speakers :

    Djelloul Arezki, Director of the OTACC Chair

    Anaïs Saint Jonsson, Training Assistant at the IMPGT

  • 14H00-15H30 | Workshop 4 - Inclusion in cultural and creative organizations: What if Mozart had been a woman? Women's Careers in the Music Sector

    Why do we say, often by mimicry or by habit, "a technician", "the conductor", "the craftsman"? Simply because more than half of these positions are reserved for men and only 27% of technicians are women. The objective of this workshop is to highlight these women of the shadows who must make a place for themselves in a professional sector reserved for men. Because, yes, there are women technicians, conductors, women in management positions, and craftswomen. Focus on their experiences.

    Speakers :

    Dominique Bianchi, Production Manager - Association Eclosion 13

    Aude Dallacosta, Lighting technician - Badaboum Théâtre

    Marie-Christine Forget, Conductor - Conservatoire de Cannes

    Illustration by an exhibition of photographs of the work of :

    Marion Laine, piano restorer - Marion Pianos

    Judith Kraft, violin maker - Judith Kraft

    Organizing team :

    Camille Avanzato, Floriane Bossard, Lauranne Borkowski, Maëva Gille

  • 15H30-17H00 | Workshop 5 - Intersectionality: at the intersection of discriminations

    Victims of several discriminations linked to ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, etc., some people find themselves at the crossroads of several systems of domination: this is intersectionality. This notion comes from black feminism and allows us to better think about inequalities and to conceive new practices of inclusion in a context of multiple oppressions. In this context, how can we propose new patterns of inclusion in the cultural sector that take into account multifactorial discriminations? How can intersectionality be taken into account in the strategic decisions and operational logics of cultural organizations?

    Speakers :

    Lucie Bonnard, Communication Manager - HADRA and Founder of the Soundsisters project in Marseille

    Fatima Khemilat, Doctoral student in Political Science and lecturer Racialization - Gender - Interculturality

    Clara Lagrange, Production Manager - Les Merry Pranksters and Founder of the Soundsisters project in Marseille

    Nadia Slimani, Writer and editorialist - Les Beaux-Arts de Marseille and Host - Na3na3 podcast

    Organizing team :

    Solène André, Élisa Hubbel, Alyssa Khan, Hélène Lotigier, Alice Musa, Marine Ouadefeld

  • 09H00 | Welcome of participants - Seita Room

    Welcome coffee for the participants of the Cultural Days, in front of the SEITA room.

  • 09H30-11H00 | Workshop 6 - The LGBTQIA+ community and its professional integration: towards a more inclusive model

    In the cultural sector, where personality plays an important role, what are the limits between what is private and what is professional? What consequences can this have in practice, especially if certain personalities are rejected? How is it possible to be oneself, to find one's place when one's gender identity and/or sexual orientation is discriminated against, recognized as too marginal? And how can we, as future managers of culture, conductors of organizations, ensure that internal practices and relationships are inclusive?

    Speakers :

    Julien Bourgain, Video artist and performer

    Sophie Delannoy, Member of the association - L'Autre Cercle

    Lee Ferrero, Co-founder - Association Transat

    Organizing team :

    Alice Bertrand, Agathe Brunel, Ariane Desplanques, Elise Franceschi, Nina Kamaliy

  • 11H00-12H30 | Workshop 7 - Inclusive Language

    How can the cultural and creative sector take hold of inclusive language? With professionals from the cultural sector, researchers, activists and artists, we will question this issue in its linguistic, societal, cultural and political dimensions. We will also focus on the daily practice of inclusive language by exposing the different existing tools to apply it to oral and written language.

    Speakers :

    Alpheratz, Autaire, translator, lecturer in semiotics, linguistics and communication - Université Sorbonne-Nouvelle

    Juliette Bayer-Broc, Member of the organizing team - Les Mains Gauches

    Barthélémy Cardonne, Graphic designer and archivist - Bye Bye Binary

    Laurence Nollet, Member of the organizing team - Les Mains Gauches

    Ambre Veau, Member of the organizing team - Les Mains Gauches

    Organizing team :

    Natacha Cousin, Juliette Gracy, Anaïs Maulucci, Olivia Michel, Julie Peron, Pauline Vasset

  • 14H00-17H00 | Workshop 8 - Checkers

    Video games are the first cultural industry of the 21st century, ahead of literature, cinema and music. This is why we have chosen to discuss the place of women in this very masculine universe. We will approach this subject through 3 prisms: the female consumer of video games (the gamer), the female designer of video games (the professional) and the representation of women in video games (the protagonist). In order to enrich our debate, we have invited professional speakers from different backgrounds but closely linked to video games.

    Speakers :

    Astrid Beyer, Twitch Streamer, computer science student, intern - Iconik Hybrid Media

    Marie Lou Dulac, Creative Director and Ambassador - The ONE Campaign

    Lauriane Salaun, Technical Director at Iconik Hybrid Media

    Annelyse Vitrac, Assistant to the General Manager - Iconik Hybrid Media

    Organizing team :

    Romain Chimiela, Clémence D'amphoux De Belleval, Claire Goletto, Barbara Rouveyrol, Marie-Lou Muzeau, Nathan Rinaudo, Juliette Vinnel

  • 17H00-17H30 | Closing conference

    Synthesis of the exchanges of the Journées Culturelles 2022.

    Speakers :

    Djelloul Arezki, Director of the OTACC Chair

    Professor Edina Soldo, Director of the OTACC Chair

Practical information

The Journées Culturelles 22 will be held in the SEITA room, at the Friche La Belle de Mai.

To reach the Friche La Belle de Mai, two entrances:

>Jobin entrance(pedestrians only)

41 rue Jobin - 13003 Marseille

> Simon entrance(pedestrians, deliveries and restricted parking)

12 rue François Simon - 13003 Marseille

  • Coming to the Friche La Belle de Mai

    > By bike

    Bike stand n°2321

    (Bike parking in the Friche)

    > By bus - Belle de Mai la Friche stop

    Line 49 - Réformés Canebière / Vauban

    Line 56 - Belle de Mai La Friche / Gare Saint Charles

    Service 7/7 : from 6.40am to 7.10pm

    > By metro

    Lines M1 and M2 stop Gare Saint-Charles

    or M1 stop Cinq Avenues - Longchamp / then 15 min. walk

    > By streetcar

    Line T2 stop Longchamp / then 10 min. on foot

  • Parking at the Friche La Belle de Mai

    > Parking Le Champ de Mai

    Accessible by the Simon entrance

    12 rue François Simon - 13003 Marseille

    86 spaces and a large public square, both shaded and mineral. Due to the limited number of spaces, we invite you to take public transport.

The partners

Practical information

Laurene Ciccolini-Frattini
Ingénieure pédagogique, chargée des relations partenaires et de l'alternance Master MDOMC, chargée de mission Chaire OTACC