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Economics, Ecology and Public Policy Day for students in the Public Administration degree program

February 20, 2024

On February 08, thirty students from the three-year Public Administration degree course in public management took part in a theme day focusing on "The ecological economy and public policy". The aim was to raise awareness of the importance of ecology in public policy, while exploring concrete ways of managing ecological transitions at local level.

The morning was punctuated by several presentations by Emmanuelle Moustier, Laura Carmouze and Sarah Serval, all three lecturers at the IMPGT. They addressed various aspects such as ecological economics, social and political ecology, sustainable development objectives, and public policies in favor of ecology. Gillian Oriol, a doctoral student in management science at the IMPGT - CERGAM, then presented her thesis on the resilience of local authorities in the face of new environmental crises.

In the afternoon, students created their own Ecological Renaissance mural. This activity, inspired by the Allegory of the Effects of Good Government painted by Lorenzetti in Siena in 1338, encouraged discussion and reflection on the concrete challenges of managing ecological transitions.