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Laura Carmouze awarded the 2020 Aix-Marseille University thesis prize

November 19, 2021

During the Scientific Evening of Aix-Marseille University, Laura Carmouze, student, doctoral student and now lecturer at the IMPGT, was among the 16 young researchers awarded a Thesis Prize, highlighting the quality of her research work and her thesis defended in 2020.

To carry out her thesis "The integration of inter-organizational relations between metropolises and regions: structuring processes of territorial attractiveness strategies", CERGAM (UR 4225), she was accompanied by her directors, professors Robert Fouchet and Christophe Alaux.


Summary of her thesis: A territorial Big Bang is shaking up French local public organizations: decrease in the number of regions, rise of metropolises and redefinition of competences. Managers and elected officials of metropolitan and regional governments are now obliged by law to work together to promote the attractiveness of the territories. This raises the question of how to integrate these relationships between recently formed organisations and how to structure attractiveness strategies. To answer this question, two studies were carried out: statistical analyses of textual discourse formalising metropolitan and regional attractiveness strategies, and interviews with sixty managers and eight elected officials working in four metropolitan-regional pairs. The results enrich the understanding of public management, attractiveness strategies and inter-organizational relations, by proposing tools for practitioners.

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