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Launch of IMPGT+, the preparatory course for all public service talent

April 28, 2021

By responding to the call for expressions of interest prior to the deployment of the Ministry of Transformation and Public Service's Talent Prep network, IMPGT has been selected among the 74 "Talent Prep" that will open in September 2021.

Thanks to IMPGT +, the preparatory class for public service talent, up to 50 young people will be able to:

This preparatory class is primarily intended for students living in (or having attended school in) priority neighbourhoods of the city policy, in urban revitalisation zones or in overseas territories/departments. However, it will be open to a wider range of people in order to promote diversity.

This structuring mechanism of the Public Service Talent Plan, announced by the President of the Republic on February 22 and supported by the Ministry of Transformation and the Civil Service, has a dual objective: to combat self-censorship in the face of competitive examinations and to diversify the senior civil service by identifying, guiding and supporting talent.

For more information:

The application and registration procedures will be published very soon.

Would you like to participate in the scheme as a student or tutor? Let us know by filling in the following questionnaire: