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Master's degree Public Management - year 1

  • Initial training - continuing education
  • Aix-en-Provence
  • Standard rhythm

Presentation of the training

The Master in Public Management is a two-year Degree designed to enable students in M1 to develop the skills required to reflect on the complex issues of public management and administration, and in M2 to develop skills specific to their field of specialisation.


The M1 course is made up of three main sets of lessons that meet the following objectives:

Strengthening the skills and knowledge essential to the manager or public executive. A block of lessons common to the different M1 courses allows you to approach, in a developed way, the main themes of public management:

  • Management of the public organization
  • Project Management
  • Political and administrative environment
  • Multi-level governance: from the territory to the European Union

These lectures, supplemented by seminars, are designed to provide students with the theoretical knowledge essential for public managers. They allow students to build a developed and critical understanding of the legal, economic and political environment of public management and to develop the managerial skills essential for the steering, management and management of organizations and public policies.

Developing its fields of expertise in a chosen area of specialty. Thanks to a system of options, students can draw up their professional project and orient themselves towards the fields and sectors of public management in which they wish to evolve :

  • Specialisation block prefiguring the envisaged Master 2 course.
  • Options to prepare for one's professional future: orientation towards a civil service competition, social and solidarity economy or research, but also in-depth study of management, ethics and deontology.

Building your professional project. Finally, the Master 1 allows the student to progress in the construction of their professional project:

  • Through support modules allowing their to reflect on their skills and professional aspirations, to build their professional project and to communicate around it.
  • Through professional opening conferences on the theme of innovation, creativity and simplification in public services.
  • By improving your language level: through face-to-face English lessons and access to AMU's language platform.
  • Through an internship of 2 months minimum but up to 5 months.
  • Target audience

    The students of the Master 1 Public Management are partly from the Bachelor Public Administration of the IMPGT, and partly from other university courses (law, economics, management or others). A majority of them are in initial training, some are in continuing education, or in professional reconversion.

  • Skills

    The skills are based on the professional realities of organisations working in the public management sectors. They can be verified in 3 areas:

    Cognitive skills:

    • Mastering knowledge and methodologies derived from the theories and concepts of the reference academic disciplines: law, economics, management, etc.
    • Understanding, analyzing and adapting to the context
    • Managing projects from conception to evaluation
    • Participating in the orientation of policies and monitoring the dissemination and implementation of decisions
    • Researching, analyzing and disseminating information
    • Conducting literature searches and writing syntheses

    Operational Competencies:

    • Producing strategic information supports
    • Expressing yourself in a professional situation in front of various types of interlocutors
    • Mastering investigation techniques
    • Mastering ICTs
    • Communicating in English

    Social and Relational Skills:

    • Managing and leading work teams
    • Synergize and coordinate various skills
    • Presenting orally in front of an audience and with ICTs
  • Organization of the training

    The teachings are delivered in lectures and supplemented by seminars. In addition to a common core focusing on the skills essential for future managers, a system of options allows students to design their professional project and focus on the areas and sectors of public management in which they wish to evolve.

    An internship is compulsory, lasting a minimum of 2 months. It is integrated into a module of construction of the professional project which is validated by the realization of a professional development portfolio.

    The teaching staff of the Master 1 in Public Management is made up of university and professional specialists in the various fields of public management and combines various teaching methods: theoretical presentations, case studies and exercises, role-playing, discussions, role-playing games and a serious game of 18 hours.

  • Content of the training

    Semester 1:

    Management of Public Organization (9 ECTS)
    Management and organisational behaviour
    Strategic management of public organisations
    Central and local public reforms
    Main principles of Public Management
    Project Management (9 ECTS)
    Applied Research Methods
    Project Management and Simulation Game
    Political and administrative environment (9 ECTS)
    Design, analysis and evaluation of public policies
    National and European public policies
    Public Action and Sustainable Development
    English (3 ECTS)

    Semester 2:

    Multi-level governance (6 ECTS)
    Territorial public action
    Institutions and governance of the European Union
    Preparing your professional future (6 ECTS) Students must choose 2 courses from :

    • Raising awareness of research in public management
    • Preparing for Public Service Competitions I (written)
    • Preparing for Public Service Competitions II (oral)
    • Ethics in the public sectorThe daily life of a manager
    • The social and solidarity economy manager

    Building your professional project (6 ECTS)
    Cycle of professional conferences: innovation, creativity and simplification in public services
    Information on career opportunities and competitions in the public service
    Support for skills assessment and professional projects
    Internship and writing of the professional project

    M2 type route prefigurationoption block - 1 block to choose from (12 ECTS)

    1) Management of Public Administrations options block

    • The management of support functions :
      • Public HRM: statutory and regulatory aspects
      • Public Budgeting and Accounting
    • Sectoral expertise
      • Applied public law
      • Administrative Writing and Language

    2) Public Law and Public Management of Local Authorities options block

    • The management of support functions :
      • Public HRM: statutory and regulatory aspects
      • International action by local and regional authorities
    • Sectoral expertise
      • Management of local public services
      • Changes in local and regional authorities

    3) Management and Public Communication options block

    • The management of support functions :
      • Quality management system
      • Public and territorial communication
    • Sectoral expertise
      • Public and territorial marketing methodology

    4) Quality management and social risk management options block

    • The management of support functions :
      • Quality management system
      • Perceived quality assessment
    • Sectoral expertise
      • Environmental Policy and Economics
      • Prevention and management of psycho-social risks

    5) Sustainable Development and Territorial Governance options for Mediterranean and International Projects

    • The management of support functions :
      • Public and territorial communication
      • Lobbying and public relations
    • Sectoral expertise
      • Environmental Policy and Economics
      • Geopolitical stakes of the Mediterranean
  • Further education and job opportunities

    Further education :

    Depending on the acquisition of skills and knowledge related to the EU of the chosen block of options:

    It is also possible to continue on the path of Research: Master's Degree in “Studies and Consulting in Sciences Management”

    At the end of the Master 2, students will have developed the key skills necessary to become competent public managers. These skills will be able to be practiced in both the public and private sectors, as confirmed by our surveys of graduates of the Master in Public Management.

    The common feature of the different courses in the Master's Degree in Public Management is to train managers working in the public or semi-public sector and exercising steering and management functions. They will be able to define, design, lead and support organisations and public policies. They will be able to define and evaluate public policies, implement them, plan and manage them, as well as ensuring the quality and efficiency of processes and services.

  • Admission requirements

    Admission to the Master's Degree in Public Management is subject to application.

    In order to apply, you must be able to prove that you have a Licence Degree. The Master's Degree is primarily intended for students who have a Licence Degree in management, economics or law. However, we also consider applications from political and social sciences or other fields, provided that they demonstrate a good academic level and a clear motivation to change direction.

    The application must be submitted via e-candidate or via Etudes en France for non-resident international students.

    In addition to the documents specified in the application form (CV, transcripts, diplomas), the application must include a letter of motivation explaining in detail the candidate's professional project, and will be usefully completed by letters of recommendation.


  • Partnerships & training highlights

    The Master 1 offers several highlights:

    • An upgrade in Public Management for students coming from courses other than the IMPGT's Bachelor of Public Management.
    • A serious game over three days in project management
    • Support in building a professional project and looking for an internship
    • A series of professional conferences on innovation, creativity and simplification in public services
    • An optional introduction to the preparation for competitive exams - even if the Master's Degree does not aim to train directly for competitive exams, this course will be a 36-hour pre-training course for those who wish to do so.
    • A course on Public Action and Sustainable Development, and events related to this theme organised within AMU and IMPGT.


Pedagogical managers :

Photo du contact
Céline Du Boys
Pedagogical Innovation Project Manager
Lecturer | Academic Director of Master's degree programs : Public Management Year 1 / Public Administrations Management Year 2
Photo du contact
Emil Turc
In charge of European public administration networks
Lecturer | Academic Director of Master's degree programs : Public Management Year 1 / Public Administrations Management Year 2

Schooling Service :

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Delphine Damour
Master's degree program Registrar: MDOMC (Year 1-2), MP (Year 1)